Gas grill WG3S9

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Triple gas grill with water Line 900


Gas grills of this category are available in a variety of types that cover the requirements of every kitchen at any size. They are characterized by the excellent quality of their parts and their modern design that makes them offer great exploitation of gas energy, more economic operation and endurance. Their easy use and maintenance and their attractive appearance makes them very popular. The quality of grilling is exceptional and the flavor that acquires the roasts unique. All their parts (frame, burners, external surfaces) are made of stainless steel. The safety of the flame is constantly checked by safety valve (temperature cut-out) and the grills are also supplied with a piezo igniter and pilot for lighting the burners. As with all gas appliances made by SER GAS the burner nozzles can be adjusted for any sort of gas. They are certified by international organizations.

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Weight 104 kg




Power (kW)


Power supply No