Gas grill GR2

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Double gas grill with lava stones


Lava stone grills combine the taste of food cooked on charcoal, with the easy, cleanliness, hygiene, safety and economy that use of gas provides.Over the burners’ flame there is a layer of stone made of volcanic lava, which functions in some fashion as artificial charcoal. All parts of the appliance (frame, burner, external surfaces) are made of stainless steel.The safety of flame is constantly checked by an electronic safety valve (temperature cut-out) and the grill is also supplied with an electronic light and a pilot for igniting the burner.The grill can be made of curved rods for cooking fish, corrugated rods for cooking meat or a level plate for eggs and pies.The burner nozzle can be adjusted for any sort of gas.

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Weight 55 kg




Power (kW)


Power supply No